‘Despite earning a lot of money elsewhere, why did he travel so far to South Xinjiang to start a business?’ (在别处赚的盆满钵满,为何他要远赴南疆开荒创业?

Communist Party members have been recruited since 2014 to stay in Uighur homes and report on any perceived “extremist” behaviors, including fasting during Ramadan. He repeatedly called on officials to “round up everyone who should be rounded up,” according to the New York Times report. [71] In 1989, there were 20,000 mosques in Xinjiang.

ASPI estimates that this puts the whole year’s figure at around 32,000. Tel +61 2 6270 5100 ‘Company introduction’ (公司简介), Qingdao Taekwang Shoes Co. Ltd (青岛泰光制鞋有限公司), online; Nike, ‘Human Rights and Labor Compliance Standards’, online; Nike, ‘Statement on Forced Labor, Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery for fiscal year 2019’.

Highbroad notes that 79.19% of its operating revenue comes from sales to the Beijing-based multinational company BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd (京东方), which is one of the world’s largest producers of electronic displays. This is a further suggestion that the labour transfer program has become an increasingly important political priority for the Chinese government in recent years. In the third case study, we identify several Chinese factories making components for Apple or their suppliers using Uyghur labour. ensure that it is fully transparent as it seeks to address all potential harms, including by reporting its due diligence and audit findings publicly. How can those who value liberty resist? The ‘re-education’ campaign appears to be entering a new phase, as government officials now claim that all ‘trainees’ have ‘graduated’.14 There is mounting evidence that many Uyghurs are now being forced to work in factories within Xinjiang.15 This report reveals that Chinese factories outside Xinjiang are also sourcing Uyghur workers under a revived, exploitative government-led labour transfer scheme.16 Some factories appear to be using Uyghur workers sent directly from ‘re-education camps’. Rick Noack, ‘In a first, 22 nations condemned China’s repression of Uigher Muslims.

[104] Although already in use,[d] it was in this period that the term "Uyghur" was first used officially over the generic "Turkic", as part of an effort to "undermine potential broader bases of identity" such as Turkic or Muslim.

[169][170][171][172], Twelve days later, two attackers stabbed people before detonating their suicide vests at an Ürümqi train station. New Reports On Family Separation in Xinjiang, Fear Among Uyghur Diaspora.

The claims have also been denied by the Chinese government, and were the subject of dispute at the 41st United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

[15] It is estimated that over 100,000 Uyghurs are currently held in political "re-education camps". [21][a] 2018 estimates place the number of detainees in the hundreds of thousands.

[152][153][154] According to a local government official, the clashes broke out after three other officials reported that suspicious men armed with knives were hiding in a house outside Kashgar. In some instances they’re not paid at all.

With new tariffs, the industry braces for a hit’, CNBC, 2 August 2019. ‘Strengthening patriotism education and building a bridge of national unity’ (加强爱国主义教育搭建民族团结连心桥), China Ethnic Religion Net (中国民族宗教网), 7 November 2019, online. Three people, including the attackers, were killed. The rapid expansion of the nationwide system of Uyghur labour presents a new challenge for foreign companies operating in China. ‘Guangdong aids Xinjiang: letting people live and work in peace is most important to people’s livelihood’ (广东对口援疆:民生为重让百姓安居乐业), Xinjiang Morning Newspaper (新疆晨报), Sina Xinjiang (新浪新疆), 2 November 2018. This paper will refer to them just as factories for brevity.

President Xi Jinping warned of the “toxicity of religious extremism” and advocated for using the tools of “dictatorship” to eliminate Islamist extremism in a series of secret speeches while visiting Xinjiang in 2014. ■, Dig deeperHow Xinjiang’s gulag tears families apartFrom 1843 magazine: “If I speak out, they will torture my family”: voices of Uyghurs in exileThailand’s king seeks to bring back absolute monarchyThe pandemic has eroded democracy and respect for human rights, This article appeared in the Leaders section of the print edition under the headline "Torment of the Uyghurs", Sign up to our free daily newsletter, The Economist today, Published since September 1843 to take part in “a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress.”.

Nilka, Xinjiang: Multiple measures to explore for improving model of organised rural labour transfer employment outside of Xinjiang’ (新疆尼勒克:多措并举探索提升农村劳动力疆外有组织转移就业新模 式), Xinjiang Public Employment Net (新疆公共就业服务网), 25 June 2019. Many people, when scared, yearn to be led to safety by a strong ruler. Here’s what to know. Beijing has also pressured other governments to repatriate Uighurs who have fled China. Earlier in 2019, Turkey became the only Muslim-majority country to voice concern when its foreign minister called on China to ensure “the full protection of the cultural identities of the Uighurs and other Muslims” during a UN Human Rights Council session. Xinjiang takes up one-sixth of China’s landmass and borders eight countries, including Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. Since the early 2000s, the Chinese government has mobilised wealthier coastal provinces and cities to develop frontier regions such as Xinjiang and Tibet, and actively encouraged the movement of workers in the name of promoting ‘inter-ethnic fusion’ (民族交融) and ‘poverty alleviation’ (扶贫).70, Uyghur workers’ participation in those programs is rarely voluntary. In the first six months of 2019, the county transferred 551 people outside of Xinjiang.

Top Chinese government officials see the use and management of ethnic workers at Taekwang as a model worth emulating. This week, along with Russia, it was elected to the UN Human Rights Council. The Chinese government’s ‘re-education’ policies have mainly targeted the Uyghurs but also other Turkic speaking Muslim minorities such as the Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Tartars, Tajiks, Kyrgyz and Hui. Jamie Condliffe, ‘Foxconn Is Under Scrutiny for Worker Conditions. A 2017 report from local media in Kashgar stated that officials from the county’s bureau of human resources travelled to other Chinese provinces to negotiate employment placements prior to months of ‘Winter Youth Education and Training’—a form of re-education including political indoctrination and militarised discipline that usually lasts a few months. without any operational follow-up has been enormously effective in promoting China's efforts to characterise Uyghur separatists as terrorists. Officials have destroyed mosques, claiming the buildings were shoddily constructed and unsafe for worshippers. Interwoven supply chains and the mixed nature of their workforces, which draw on both Han and Uyghur workers, make it particularly difficult for companies to ensure that their products are not associated with forced labour.

Religious freedom exists for Hui Muslims, who can practice their religion, build mosques and have their children attend them; more controls are placed on Uyghurs in Xinjiang. James Leibold, ‘The spectre of insecurity: the CCP’s mass internment strategy in Xinjiang’, China Leadership Monitor, 59 (Spring 2019). [178], According to the Xinhua News Agency, on 28 July, 37 civilians were killed by a gang armed with knives and axes in the towns of Elixku and Huangdi in Shache County and 59 attackers were killed by security forces. Source: A Laixi government committee press release stated that 9,800 Uyghur workers were transferred to Qingdao Taekwang Shoes in ‘more than 60 batches’ since 2007. Protocol of 2014 to the Forced Labour Convention, 1930. Figure 17 on page 24 and text on pages 5, 27 and 34 were updated on 20 October 2020 reflect a response from a company named in the report.

‘Strengthening patriotism education and building a bridge of national unity’ (加强爱国主义教育搭建民族团结连心桥), China Ethnic Religion Net (中国民族宗教网), 7 Nov 2019.

October 13, 2020, Blog Post Globally, democracy and human rights are in retreat. They should speak up, too.

[151] It is a subsidiary of Dongguan Yidong Electronic Co. Ltd (东莞市奕东电子有限公司), whose website claims that its end customers include Apple and Huawei130. The Eastern Turkistan Islamic Party, Organization for Freeing Eastern Turkistan and the Islamic Party of Turkistan were outlawed by Kyrgyzstan's Lenin District Court and its Supreme Court in November 2003.

The workers were expected to ‘gradually alter their ideology’ and turn into ‘modern, capable youth’ who ‘understand the Party’s blessing, feel gratitude toward the Party, and contribute to stability,’ a local Xinjiang newspaper wrote.115 Once in Jiangxi, they were managed by a few minders sent by Lop county who were ‘politically reliable’ and knew both Mandarin and the Uyghur language.116, According to a now deleted press release,117 Cook praised the company for its ‘humane approach towards employees’ during his visit to O-Film, asserting that workers seemed ‘able to gain growth at the company, and live happily.’118, Five months later, in October 2017, the Hotan government in Xinjiang contacted O-Film, hoping to supply another 1,300 workers.119 On 12 December 2017, a Uyghur worker who claimed to have worked at O-Film said that there were more than a thousand Uyghur workers at the O-Film factory in Jiangxi.120. By The compound increased in size, adding new dormitories and factory warehouses while significant security features were added through the introduction of secure ‘military-style management’ (see Figure 10).107. Although the attackers were Uyghurs,[147] Han and Uyghurs were victims. In some cities, such as western Xinjiang’s Kashgar, police checkpoints are found every one hundred yards or so, and facial-recognition cameras are everywhere. [125] During the 1980s, student demonstrations and riots against police action assumed an ethnic aspect, and the April 1990 Baren Township riot has been acknowledged as a turning point. [31][32] 13 additional countries later joined this statement. They include Mustafa Setmariam Nasar,[208] Abu Yahya al-Libi,[209][210] and current al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri who has on multiple occasions issued statements naming Xinjiang (calling it "East Turkestan") as one of the "battlegrounds" of "jihad to liberate every span of land of the Muslims that has been usurped and violated.

It said it would combat what it calls “the three evils”—separatism, religious extremism, and international terrorism—at all costs. [182], On 18 September 2015, in Aksu, an unidentified group of knife-wielding terrorists attacked sleeping workers at a coal mine and killed 50 people.

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