The Secretary of State is the chief election officer for * Retiring in 2020. The Secretary of State’s Elections US Senate Breakdown: 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats, 2 Independents. In national, Now, there are reasons why we should be skeptical of a major Biden money or time investment in Texas. Last day to apply for ballot by mail (received, not postmarked) is Friday, October 23, 2020. Type: open Finally, Democrats have a real chance to flip the Texas state House. There are reasons to think that Biden could be doing even better than this eight point shift would imply.

The Electoral College consists of 538 electors. Lizzie Pannill Fletcher (D) | Campaign Website Has been in office since: 2013, District 15: Dan Patrick (R) | Campaign Website, Texas Attorney General: Polling places and times. From upcoming election information to registering to vote, makes sure you count. - - - - - - - - - - Length of term: 4 years. Democrat Delegates: 262 (228 pledged, 34 super)

Senate Has been in office since: 1993, District 31: Voice Heard? Presidential Primary: March 3, 2020 Michael Cloud (R) | Campaign Website Texas Green Party Trump's down 48% to 42% in Florida, a state he took by a point in 2016. Ballot measures. interpretations of election laws to election officials. If you look nationally, you see Biden is up. * Retiring in 2020. Joaquin Castro (D) | Campaign Website Has been in office since: 2019, District 4:

Has been in office since: 2015, Texas Election Office: Much of Biden's gains over Clinton nationally have occurred among whites with a college degree. The Secretary of State’s Elections Division provides assistance and advice to election officials on the proper conduct of elections. Ryan Sitton (R) | Campaign Website Know If I'm Already Registered To Vote. Some registered voters can also vote by mail . Henry Cuellar (D) | Campaign Website The 2020 campaign could be the first time Democrats captured the Lone Star State in a presidential election since 1976. The Perfect "Everyday" Tactical Backpack! District maps.

Has been in office since: 2015, District 24: Need To Bring With Me When I Vote? Texas has 36 Reps (Congressmen & Congresswomen) in the House. Voting Issues for Texas Evacuees Due to Natural Disasters, Information on Testing Sites is now available, March 3, 2020 Primary Election Law Calendar, Deadlines for Vacancies and Replacement Nominees for the General Election for State and County Officers (Primary Calendar Appendices), COVID 19 Resources for Election Officials, Current County and Precinct Chair Office Holder Listing, Notice of Acceptable Identification Poster (English), Notice of Acceptable Identification Poster (Spanish).

Has been in office since: 2013, District 26: Runoff: May 26, 2020 Has been in office since: 2009, District 23: A big statewide victory has eluded Democrats, though many races have come within single digits for the first time in a generation. Are electors required to adhere to the popular vote? * Retiring in 2020.

Has been in office since: 2005, District 10: Poll Opening & Closing Times: Mac Thornberry (R) Eddie Bernice Johnson (D) | Campaign Website Bill Flores (R) Home | Election Calendar | President | 50 States | Voting | National Parties.

It's pretty clear looking at the data that Texas is a swing state in the 2020 election. Still, the state has 38 electoral votes and a load of down ballot races that could prove to be alluring for Biden. They need a pickup of less than 10 seats, and. * Next Election in 2024. GEORGIA District 5: Robert Franklin (D) and Kwanza Hall (D) advance to the special election runoff on December 1 for this open congressional seat (the winner to serve less than one month; neither are on the ballot for the full term). Has been in office since: 2018, District 28: (Polling Places). Has been in office since: 2019, District 7: Sylvia Garcia (D) | Campaign Website In 2018, Democrat Beto O'Rourke came within three points of knocking off Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. Has been in office since: 1997, District 9: Trump insults Savannah Guthrie day after town hall, See the difference between Ivanka and Donald Trump's rallies, Trump's former chief of staff unleashes on the President, GOP senator deliberately mispronounces Harris' name at Trump rally, See what these Trump supporters say about QAnon, Ice Cube responds to backlash over Trump collaboration, Giuliani's daughter breaks with dad to vote for Biden. Republican Sen. John Cornyn was up six (against Royce West) to eight (against MJ Hegar) points against his two potential opponents in the CBS New/YouGov poll. Are you ready to make a difference in 2020, if so…these are some things you need to know: 2020 Texas Uniform Election Day The Texas 2020 Election is Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Never Be Scared When Faced With A BULLY or VIOLENT ATTACKER Again. U.S. Senate; U.S. House; Other executive offices; State Senate; State House; Local judges; Local ballot measures; School boards; Municipal; Recalls; See also. Length of term: 2 years. John Cornyn (R) | Campaign Website Has been in office since: 2003, District 32: Biden is certainly in a stronger position in the core six battleground states (Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) where the averages have him up anywhere from three to 10 points. Elected Official Voted On Every Bill & Issue While In Office? 2 US Senators x 50 States = 100 Total US Senators. Claim Your Backpack Now. Filemon Vela (D) | Campaign Website Texas Governor: What is the difference between a primary, caucus and convention? Randy Weber (R) | Campaign Website Texas Democratic Party officials on the proper conduct of elections. Why are elections held on a Tuesday in November?

Take Control Of Your Identity & SECURE YOUR PRIVACY In 10 Easy Steps. U.S. Each state has 2 US Senators. This will show you everything you'll vote on.). - - - - - - - - - - Polls shown below track voters’ 2020 presidential election views in Texas. Will Hurd (R) In fact, the state seemed, if anything, to move to the left in 2018, as Democrats were able to achieve wins in some key congressional races. Has been in office since: 2013, District 35: Christi Craddick (R) | Campaign Website * Resigned May 21, 2020, to become Director of National Intelligence. More about Identification Requirements for Voting, Early voting for the November 3, 2020 Uniform Election Date runs Tuesday, October 13, 2020 – Friday, October 30, 2020. Voter Information:

House of Representatives John Carter (R) | Campaign Website Sid Miller (R) | Campaign Website. Has been in office since: 2019, District 30: The CBS News/YouGov poll is not an outlier over the last month. Things may change the closer we get to the election, but Texas really is competitive at this point.

Marc Veasey (D) | Campaign Website

Dan Crenshaw (R) | Campaign Website Has been in office since: 2017, District 20: I am a registered Independent. For eligibility & identification requirements, dates, deadlines, voting materials, contact info and more: [ click here ]. Ken Paxton (R) | Campaign Website, Texas Comptroller: ), Texas Political Parties:

Wayne Christian (R) | Campaign Website

There have been eight polls released publicly since the, Importantly, and unlike in other states, the polls in Texas have not overestimated Democrats over the last few cycles. Has been in office since: 2016, District 17: Read this while you can.

Either way, he has a real shot of winning, and a chance to rewrite the political map for this year and for the generation to come.

I've Moved. I Don't Vicente Gonzalez (D) | Campaign Website

Absentee voting. State's Voter Laws & Registration Deadlines?

Mike Conaway (R) Has been in office since: 2005, District 2: Has been in office since: 2019, District 22: Sheila Jackson Lee (D) | Campaign Website

Whitmer reacts to Trump rhetoric: It's dangerous, Why the FBI is planning for possible Election Day violence, Tapper presses Lara Trump on President's comments on Gov. In the state of Texas, all polling places are open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Central Time. The 2016 United States presidential election in Texas took place on November 8, 2016, as … Texas Railroad Commission: Next State Constitutional Officer Elections in 2022. Roger Williams (R) | Campaign Website

This list will be regularly reassessed as the year progresses. Election FAQ. Has been in office since: 2017, District 16: Division of Elections Pete Olson (R) (Get voter registration & information. Texas has 150 State House members: 65 (Democrats), 82 (Republicans), 3 (Vacant). * Resigned May 21, 2020, to become Director of National Intelligence. The U.S. will hold its 2020 general election Nov. 3, with an early voting period in Texas of Oct. 13-30. * Next Election in 2022. Division provides assistance and advice to election

Texas is divided between Central / Mountain time zones. In A Dire Food Shortage, What Will Your Family Eat? Louie Gohmert (R) | Campaign Website Has been in office since: 1995, District 36: (CNN)New CBS News/YouGov polls show President Donald Trump is in trouble in three states he won in 2016. Has been in office since: 1995, District 14: The following Texas elections have been identified as featured elections based on electoral history, competitive polling, campaign finance data, or significant involvement from noteworthy individuals or organizations. Socialist Party of Texas. Click here to learn more now. Further, I wouldn't expect Texas to be the tipping state in the electoral college (i.e. Republican Party of Texas US House Breakdown: 232 Democrats, 198 Republicans, 1 Libertarian, 4 Vacancies. How Do I Find Out? * Retiring in 2020. - NOW FREE! Texas Electoral Votes: 38 What's My District? Four years ago, Hillary Clinton lost Texas by nine points. * Retiring in 2020. The Difference Between a Primary, Caucus & Convention. US Senate Breakdown: 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats, 2 Independents. Has been in office since: 2019, District 33: Colin Allred (D) | Campaign Website Has been in office since: 1995, District 19: If anything Democrats actually slightly outperformed their final polls in the. Has been in office since: 2013

Jodey Arrington (R) | Campaign Website * Next election in 2024. (Type in your address, then click "Check My Races." Lance Gooden (R) | Campaign Website Elected Offical Telling The Truth OR Full Of Crap? Republican Delegates: 155 We also provide assistance to the general public on voter Can a Democrat / Republican primary losing candidate run as a third party candidate? Texas is second only to California with electoral votes. Has been in office since: 2003 Has been in office since: 2015, District 5: Kay Granger (R) | Campaign Website

STATE POLLING. Do I Contact My Elected Officials & Politicans To Make My District 1: A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President. Learn about all of the 2020 elections in Texas by following the links below.

Texas has gotten progressively more competitive during Trump's time as a candidate and officeholder. We also provide … Updated 2005 GMT (0405 HKT) July 12, 2020. Has been in office since: 2005, District 12: Election polls: How to read them properly, Covid-19 tension building between Trump and Fauci, WH task force member escalates dangerous anti-science view, Pennsylvania AG: This is a win for Pennsylvania voters, Gov. One calculation by the New York Times' Nate Cohn, I would expect the trend in the college educated areas of Texas to carry over to 2020. the State of Texas. registration and other election issues through our 1-800

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