Who was the first admiral of the US Navy? Eligibility for advancement to a higher paygrade is determined by what person? To apply for the Chief Warrant Officer program, a Chief Petty Officer must meet what age requirment, if any, by their birthday of the same year they would be selected for appointment? All rights reserved. Have been recommended for promotion or advancement on their most recent performance evaluation. Transfer the Sailor to another sea duty command in the same homeport/area. As of 080930, a PO3 had a leave balance of 12 days. Seaman Able just checked onboard and should have a Career Development board within what maximum number of days? To ensure their availibility for worldwide assignments, single-parent sailors are required to maintain what document? On the enlisted evaluation, which, if any, of the following performance traits marks requires comments in block 43? Prior to separation, a sailoris required by law to complete what program? Page 1 of the enlisted service record is referred to by which of the following terms? When a Sailor receives one or two 2.0 trait grades on his performance evaluation, he can NOT receive higher than what promotion recommendation? What is the purpose of military discipline? A performance evaluation will reflect the reporting senior's decision. What personal education opportunities are discussed at the Career Development Board? What item should NOT be documented on a performance evaluation? Smoother Transitions What is the standard prescribed tour length for Embassy Attache duty? During an executive officer's investigation, the executive office does NOT have the option of taking which of the following actions? When a member submits a voluntary Fleet reserve request, who is not at high year tenure (HYT)- mandated, what document must the command have him sign? Which of the following opportunities are discussed at the Career Development Board? An E-3 advanced on the 17th of November should use what new time-in-rate date? Officers must have, two months or greater remaining on my military service obligation. Individuals selected for Seaman to Admiral (STA-21) who require assistance in math and science will benefit from which of the following programs? You should submit which of the following documents? All the following awards are worth 2 points except which one? The Family Care Plan should completed by what personnel? If the rater or senior rater disagrees and one chooses not to sign the Sailor's evaluation, what action should you take, if any? What type of discharge is received from an approved sentence of a general court-martial? That can help you get hired, get a better job, or be promoted sooner! Tomahawk cruise missiles were first used in combat during what conflict? After the baby's birth, Petty Officer Jane Doe should receive what maximum number of days of convalescent leave. What page of your service record contains your history of assignments? When completing a performance evaluation on one of your sailors, what NAVPERS form should you use? Facilitating the active component to reserve component (AC2RC) program is the responsibility of what resource? Submit an appeal to the next superior authority. If you have Medicare part A & B, Tricare for life can pay your Medicare copay. Which of the following organizations is responsible for the college level examination program (CLEP)? A PO1 with 9 years active Navy service, who is Chief petty officer selection board eligible, may apply for which of the following officer programs? With the "Navy bucks" (Navy $ symbol on blue square) icon Individuals selected for Seaman to Admiral (STA-21) who require assistance in math and science will benefit from which of the following programs? Enlisted personnel selected for Officer Candidate School attend officer indoctrination training for what total number of weeks? Without the protection of the Royal Navy, U.S. merchant ships began coming under attack from the … Sailors should lose their opportunity to negotiate orders what total number of months prior to the projected rotation date (PRD)? Be currently working in, or have been assigned to, a position to which the credential is mapped. Additionally, before authorizing the request, commands must also certify that Sailors: Officers may also be eligible for a certification or license voucher by meeting one of the following eligibility requirements: Visit the Navy COOL website for more information. A statement to the record about your performance evaluation is limited to what total number of pages, if any? During a mid-term performance counseling, you should NOT document what information? An effective Navy counselor should use which of the following techniques? The first departmental career development board should be held for a professional apprenticeship career track sailor within what maximum timeframe of reporting to the command? What page of a member's service record contains information regarding an unauthorized absence? Commanding Officers may waives up to a year of required time-in-rate for Early Promote Sailors in what paygrade(s)? He took 7 days leave over the New Years Holiday. Type Refused To Sign in the signature block. Eligibility for advancement to a higher paygrade is determined by what person? PROCUREMENT INSTRUMENT IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (If applicable) Office of Naval Research ONR N00014-87-C-0001 8c. Periods of Annual Training (AT), Active Duty for Training (ADT), and/or Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW) apply to perfomance evaluation reports on what personnel? In regards to performance evaluations, PIM has what meaning? What action, if any, should a service member take if he considers the punishment received at Captain's Mast unjust? What leadership style provides more negative than positive feedback? A person transitioning to the Fleet Reserve or retiring should begin Transition Goals, Plans, and Success services what minimum number of months prior to transition? Be an E-7 and high school graduate or possess the service -accepted equivalent. Type REFUSED TO SIGN in the signature block. Which of the following functions is NOT provided by the Navy Fleet and Family Service Centers? For Sailors applying for Embassy Attache duty, what is the minimum Defense Language Aptitude Battery test score? A performance evaluation will reflect the reporting senior's decision. Which of the following items is a requirement for Officer Candidate School applicants? You should find information on any person who commits larceny and wrongful appropriation under what uniform code of military justice article? 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