This animal is herbivorous; that is, its diet is limited to the consumption of aquatic plants, tree leaves, grass, and shrubs. Tapir Diet. Diet. The Malayan tapir is a grazer and a browser. Malayan tapirs don’t seem to have many natural predators in the wild. Why are Red Pandas Endangered? These mammals will also eat twigs and leaves. The shoulder height of the Malayan tapir is about 90 to 110 cm (2 ft 11 in to 3 ft 7 in). Malayan tapir has a highly-developed sense of smell. Malayan tapirs prefer to make homes near water so that they could easily bathe when they must. Malayan tapirs attract hunters for their meat as well as sport.

Their ears are large and black with a white rim, they have small beady eyes, a small stumpy tail and the nose and upper lip form a proboscis (an elongated appendage from the head of an animal). Malayan tapirs are also known as Asian tapirs. Meanwhile, the Asian tapir is the most evolutionarily distinct tapir in the world. Being a large animal they have few predators. While this pattern might not seem to be very good for camouflage it is highly effective at breaking up their outline making them almost invisible in the moonlight in the jungle or the shady enviroment in which they live, and also it can make them look like a large rock when they are lying down during the day. The Malayan tapir is a grazer and a browser. By 3 weeks old, the young tapir is ready to swim. The Malayan Tapir has distinctive black and white coloration. Malayan tapirs breed between April and May and usually have one calf after a gestation period of 390-395 days. The calf will lose these markings in about 6-8 months. Being a large animal they have few predators. Species of this genus are among the world's most primitive mammals, closely related to horses and rhinoceroses. Half of the tapir’s body is all white except the head and legs which are black in color. Traeholt, C., Novarino, W., bin Saaban, S., Shwe, N.M., Lynam, A., Zainuddin, Z., Simpson, B. Much of there habitat has been destroyed by activities such as cattle grazing, agriculture, deforestation and also flooding due to hydroelectric projects. Their diet at the Zoo normally consists of Bermuda hay, alfalfa, herbivore pellets, leafy greens, carrots, apples and a tapir-favorite—bananas. Tapirus indicus. Most of the Malayan tapir populations can be found in Sumatra Island, and to a lesser extent, in Malacca Peninsula (Malaysia) and Burma. They are also really good divers and swimmers and can hide from predators in deep waterways because they can remain underwater for several minutes. Females yield a single calf (rarely twins) every 2 years, after 390 - 410 days of gestation. They reach adult size at 18 months old and are sexually mature at 2-4 years old. They feed mostly on grasses, leaves, buds, twigs, aquatic plants and fruits from low shrubs. On the other hand, hydroelectric projects often cause flooding within the natural range of this species. Brazilian tapirs have the shortest proboscis, whereas Malayan tapirs have the longest. It is thought to become active at night but Malayan tapirs are not nocturnal animals. They snort and stamp their feet when they feel threatened and are getting ready to defend themselves. The newborn babies weigh 15 pounds (6.8 kg) at birth but they grow quickly in their initial years. They have a stocky body that is tapered at the front and rounded at the back, they have four toes on the front feet and three toes on the back feet. Typical types of food are leaves, buds, growing twigs, tree bark, herbs, low growing succulents, shrubs, fruits, club moss, grass, tubers as well as aquatic vegetation. Despite their pig-like appearance, tapirs belong to the order Perissodactyla (odd-toed ungulates), and are closely related to horses, and … The gestation period lasts 390–395 days after which the female gives birth to one offspring. Fun Facts for Kids Species of this genus are among the world's most primitive mammals, closely related to horses and rhinoceroses.

They feed mostly on grasses, leaves, buds, twigs, aquatic plants and fruits from low shrubs. When the calf is born it does not have the same coat pattern as an adult but looks like a brown and beige striped watermelon on legs. In addition, certain calls serve as warning signals, addressed to community members. The Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus) is an endangered species and it belongs to the family Tapiridae. The Malayan tapirs nose is very useful when the tapir wants to eat as they can use it to pluck leaves from the trees and they can also use it to explore a circle of ground 30 cms (1 ft) in diameter without even moving its head. What is your diet? Sometimes the tapir’s territory seems to overlap with the territory of other animals. There are only 4 tapir species around the globe, and this animal is the largest of them. | Endangered Red Pandas. They use high pitched squeaks and whistles. They are sometimes also sold in illegal trade in places like Thailand where a young tapir might sell for as much as 5000 dollars. Tapirs almost haven't changed externally during the last 20 million years. They are also hunted for food in some areas and sport, and for their hides. Further, Malayan tapirs are sometimes captured in steel wire snares, intended to catch wild pigs. This animal is an odd-toed ungulate (the latter word literally means "having hooves"), displaying three toes on each of its hind feet. The breeding interval is usually of one year. Young tapirs are typically recognized by their brown hair and white stripes and this allows the animal to camouflage (its body) in the forest. Malayan tapirs are distinguished by their black and white plumage and long snout. This pattern is good for camouflage in the dappled sunlight of the forest especially when they lie down.

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