Open Settings and click on Update &... 2. You know that’s the first thing we suggest. Uninstall Google Drive. To verify the location of the icon cache database files, enter the dir iconcache* command and press … Right-click on “Windows Explorer” in the list and choose “End task” from the shortcut menu. Several users have reported that uninstalling Google Drive from their computer helped resolve... 3. Exit Task Manager and make sure that no other application is running except for the command prompt window. A broken icon or respectively thumbnail in Windows 10 often occurs when the icon cache gets out of date or corrupted. Remove and repin Taskbar icons. Clearing Icon Cache files & Rebuilding. The reason that you're losing icons when the battery on CMOS dies and when you freeze PCs is because the icons have a cached "life". Unpin all the Taskbar icons and then freshly rein them and see if it … Taskbar icons sometime go blank all of a sudden In addition to the desktop context menus that sometime appear under the taskbar, there’s another long-time bug in Windows 10 … If you are facing #blank or #white_icon problem in windows 10, then watch this video to get the normal icons back. Right-click on the Windows taskbar and choose “Task Manager” from the shortcut menu. The date in CMOS is wrong so the cached icons aren't in date and the frozen icons are far enough out of date that they need to be refreshed - if you freeze the machine before the whole system has a chance to start up and refresh the icons then they'll go out of date. The Explorer and desktop will disappear. How to Fix Blank Icons in Win­dows 10 Desk­top Error 1. Icons Cache file aka IconCache.db is the simple file used by … Update Apps and OS and Reboot.

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