Google data studio is a great way to organize everything you need in one view. Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on The tool provides the ability to consolidate large amounts of data and to put several reports in the same place. The best feature that I like in Google Data Studio is connecting to all different data sources (e.g. Saves hours of digging through multiple systems, all in one place is a dream come true. Want to share reports that drive better insights? I use and subscribe to the Supermetrics suite of connectors, it is invaluable for bringing in Facebook and Instagram data to give my workplace a more holistic view of our digital landscape. Review collected by and hosted on I also love the customizable reporting feature, and this feature helps me to analyze my data in the way that I want. google sheets, google cloud query, GA products, 360 advertising platforms). It enables us to view our all data sources from one location and it provides common connections like Google ads, Google analytics, etc. It has long wait times when the report has too much data which is expected, but coming from a company that has servers like google does, it kind of disappoints you. I use it to analyze data and generate insights and value for my product.
It has helped me solve reporting to clients. The flexibility allowed us to build some really cool custom reports for our clients that can be updated on the fly in minutes. Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on The other big problem is that links with third party apps tend to easily break down and they require you to constantly check those to keep them working. It makes it easier to explain to them how they are doing with out them getting bogged down with all the details. This programs is working well for big data, in case you curious. I am sure there are many places to learn, but maybe a guided tour on the website would be great for first and advanced users. The two main companies (Supermetrics, Power My Analytics) help you connect these 3rd party tools through their subscription services. The ease in connecting and use the built in Google connectors makes Data Studio a breeze to use for anyone familiar with things like Google Analytics or even Google Sheets. We are tracking SEO performance and finding new opportunities using our collected data stored in Big Query that comes from Google Search Console. The text cannot be easily moved around and I cannot add headers or page numbers easily. Could be that 16gb of RAM isn't enough, could be I am asking it to do far more than I should. Review collected by and hosted on Once I identify what I want to measure I configure the panels and data sources and I will always have the data updated, I only worry that the connection between the data source and the queries do not have errors, outside of that it is the responsibility of the backend developer Notify me of modifications to the columns of the database. It is not something you can use for research or for daily use to quickly find information you need. No way to automate the process for multiple users. Google Data Studio is a new breed of free data visualization and reporting tools that take data-driven decision making to a much higher level. Review collected by and hosted on It's also great how it constantly updates this data without any manual work from us.
- there are endless ways to create a report. It is used by various members of the team as a way to showcase data insights and automate reports which were previously being distributed in the form of Excel sheets or Powerpoints. Review collected by and hosted on Need an easy way to present data with polish? Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on The upsides are mostly everything has a good UX for those new to data studios but still powerful to create custom reporting. O uso da plataforma ajuda nossa modesta empresa a usar dados para tomar decisões estratégicas de marketing, compartilhar dados em tempo real com outros colegas e comunicar o valor do produto à matéria-prima mais importante e a razão de ser como empresa "nossos clientes" . - Creates visually appealing client-facing reports. Buy some community visualization for better experience with Google Data Studio Review collected by and hosted on There is nothing to dislike, as it's well made. Review collected by and hosted on Google Data Studio reports have really helped us connect the dots across all of our digital marketing initiatives for our clients. Google data studio is the best tool and it can be easily connected to a variety of live data resources and it is simple to build, simple to learn and I can easily share my data with this. I analyze my data to do my reporting tasks with this tool. The format to upload CSV data gives me errors with the dates and although I have tried to get a template to copy the format of the dates I have not found any that corrects this error. It's a free data visualization tool that integrates with other Google software.

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