As a matter of fact, creatures in the desert are an excellent example of the evolution of nature. These vipers usually feed on rodents, small mammals, birds, and lizards. They come out at night to hunt, their main prey being beetles, spiders, and ants. However once he was within a few inches of the spiny lizard he seemed to realize how large this newcomer was. S. clarkii is found in central to southeastern Arizona, southwestern New Mexico, and south to northern Jalisco, Mexico, from sea level to around 6000 feet (1830 m). These are medium to large lizards with snout-vent lengths ranging from 2¼ to 5¼ inches (63 to 138 mm). “They are widely considered as prey by many carnivorous reptiles in the Sahara Desert.”. Collared lizards can be quite pugnacious. Our primary goal is to provide information about nature and wildlife from different regions of the world. Read on to discover more on the most amazing reptiles that exist in the Sahara Desert. is found in central to southeastern Arizona, southwestern New Mexico, and south to northern Jalisco, Mexico, from sea level to around 6000 feet (1830 m). Desert Lizards - Habitats. “They can be as long as two meters tall and have an average life span of 8 years.”. Both lay 4 to 24 eggs in the summer (into early fall for S. clarkii) which take 60 to 75 days to hatch. There are lots of desert creatures that can be kept in a desert vivarium some scorpions, insects, snakes and lizards. Like many other lizards, spiny lizards exhibit metachromatism, which is color change as a function of temperature. This scorpion is one of the most venomous in the world. An interesting addition to this list is the desert crocodile. It mainly hunts during the night and feeds on rodents, lizards, toads, eggs and other small animals to be found in these dry conditions. S. clarkii prefers trees, but also inhabits rocky areas with large boulders; it ranges from rocky Sonoran desertscrub into oak woodland. Substrate: Sand is an acceptable substrate. Another snake that you don’t want to meet in a hurry, the saw-scaled viper might be small in size, but it too is dangerous and aggressive when attacked. They are translucent in color, and their ephemeral and fragile looking appearance can make one assume that they are harmless. or larger depending on size and activity level. The spiny-tailed lizard grows to up to 34 cm in size. The Sahara Desert is a great point of reference. Family: Iguanidae (iguanid lizards) Clark spiny lizard (Sceloporus clarkii), Order: Squamata x 30 in. “. See more on exotic animal species of the savannah region. Eventually they took off in opposite directions. They usually become active during the day, and their perfectly adapted skin allows them to withstand the scorching heat of the Sahara throughout the day. It mainly feeds on rodents, birds, eggs, fish or any other small mammal whenever opportunity strikes. Darker colors increase the amount of heat absorbed from the sun and lighter colors reflect solar radiation. Due to its cold-blooded nature, the monitor lizard hibernates during the cold periods. Spanish name: cachora. Deserts usually have a diverse selection of life forms inhabiting it. DISTRIBUTION: The Desert Spiny Lizard ranges across the deserts of southwestern Arizona and the northeastern plateaus at elevations ranging from near sea level along the … This is because, during the drought periods, crocodiles usually shift their location to burrows and caves located in the desert. Its venom can kill its prey almost immediately. desert spiny lizard (Sceloporus magister) They have a long tail with a spiny appearance, which not surprisingly gives it its name. Habitat Size: Pet lizards can be kept in a terrarium that is 12 in. “This scorpion is one of the most venomous in the world. During hot days, they often bury themselves in the sand with their nostrils exposed. Interestingly, these small lizards can have a lifespan of more than 20 years (if they avoid falling prey to other animals). S. clarkii UN-Habitats is made up of a team of nature and biological scientists from diverse backgrounds but with a centered interest on the conservation of wild life and natural resources.

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