I thought it would be better than Rogers customer service is terrible, I still get bills for services cancelled months ago, and every time I think it is resolved, boom another bill for services I don't have. I am in northwest Brampton. They sent me two of those CISCO digital adapters, neither of which worked, and then they started to drop stations that I am paying for. Very pleased. I have decided to switch over to Bell. With the Nextbox 3 PVR, I believe that you can record up to 8 HD shows at once, rather than 3 HD and 1 SD shows with Fibe. The worst part was when I spoke with Loyalty department. Episode 3 was missing too now. – make sure your modem is secure, you want to make sure that your neighbour is not stealing your signal/bandwidth Just came across this blog..quite good comments here. I’m now with Rogers, but have been thinking about switching back to Bell. This is the gateway device that I have, you can read a review of it in a previous post. At least I don’t lose service due to weather. When I called Bell to inform them of my move they informed me that they could not transfer my promos to the new address. Surely that can’t be as good as a big old fat coaxial cable, can it? I am now a happy Rogers customer and moved my TV, internet and phone. Our internet hasn’t been working since June 10th but I actually only found out on June 15th. Bell Internet is formerly known as Sympatico High-Speed Internet. I've been a customer for over six years, every time I open the bill, I know I'm going to get angry, because every time, there's an error always in their favour. I have replaced my Bell box 2 times and have experienced problems they cannot resolve I.e. if i just watch tv with bell fibe no recording no apps how much internet usage is being used. SHADY. Then Bell Canada bought them out and all hell broke loose! Well I had Bell Fibe Internet 15/10 installed a couple of weeks ago and so far it seems to be worth it. My internet drops (and has to be rebooted) 3 times daily which means the TV is down as well. On paper, Fibe looks great and worth the switch. I don't know how Bell keeps their customers. Yes, I have seen a couple of people comment that the picture quality is not as a good on Fibe compared to cable. So I humoured them and jumped through their foolish hoops such as rebooting or checking if my other receivers had the episode (which is nonsense). I’m a former Bell Fibe TV subscriber and think that it is very competitive and a great service overall, if it’s the right fit for you. I must pay good money for special permits for any renovations, yet Bell can come into the neighbourhood and feel free to add to the mess we already have along our streets, ie wires galore, transformers, etc. Overall, the experience has been acceptable.However, I echo what others have said about Bell's technical support and customer service, which is exceptionally poor. He disconnected me. Does anyone here use it for newsgroups? If you'd like to opine on reasons, that's fine, however I suggest you get all the facts before doing so. The heart of the service is the Fibe Internet Connection Hub which is a Sagecom F@st 2864 modem/router. Rogers told us that the camera transmits in analogue so the only way around it is to get a different type of digital box from Rogers at a low monthly fee of $5.49. Considering Fibe?? The service has been great – no outages and fantastic picture quality. and for a tech to come out would cost 50.00 or more. Best Plans for Unlimited Internet in Canada, Best Business Internet Plans, Deals and Offers in Canada, Telus Internet Reviews – Best Telus Internet Plans, Deals and Offers, A Guide to Setting up Your VoIP Phone Service for your Business, How To Apply for the New CRB (Canada Recovery Benefit) of $2000/Month After CERB, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec. 30+ minutes going thru their instructions only to be told there's nothing wrong with the modem. Before I do take the plunge I wanted to examine the price deals that are being offered by Bell. I investigated Fibe and called bell to ask questions. I had the 2 x Nex 3.0 PVRS ( crapppy boxes that pixeled a lot plus i could not watch and record more than one show at a time and one was noisy)and 2 regular digital boxes plus VIP package and my mobile.Next day I called Bell as i also had internet and phone with them and i got the Better package plus the PVR and 3 other receivers If you build your own bundle, you can upgrade your McAfee Security protection. I used to have to reboot once a week. The simple HD receiver is $319 and can be rented for $13.08 per month or for $7.58 per month with the same purchase option after 36 months. Internet is good but the provided router sucks. The tv service only problem it had was a slight error from one wireless reciever to the main PVR and all i had to do was unplug the two recivers and presto all good. Bell Internet Review. I told them to get stuffed. And that would still not give her HD quality. So I ended up watching the episode through "other" means along with episode 2, which had also disappeared in the interim. Bundle deals with Fibe are more expensive, especially when promos are done. Regular outages for days on end, bizarre feedback from the technicians who told me wireless doesn’t work when it rains and the reason for my regular loss of service was because of steel walls in my home. I have had the worst experience ever with Bell Fibe. I will go back soon. So I've been a bell customer for a few years. Bell includes incredible features such as whole-home coverage and security. With storms increasing due to climate change, Bell suggested we switch to Fibe. I think both companies have their pros and cons and when promotions run out most customers end up paying through the nose. iPad 2, MacBook Air and iPhone 3G) have a reduced signal strength compared to my previous 2Wire model. Some of the real life speeds that I measured with speedtest.net are shown below: The speeds measured varied a little depending on the time of the day but they seem to be fairly constant, this may change though as more people in your neighborhood sign on to the new service. Among the promotions which were all for 2 years (none of this 2 month nonsense we are all used to) was free phone. I had had enough and I insisted that all services were cancelled immediately. now it’s all in HD. Pingback: Bell's Fibe Internet Review | gadgetscanada | Wireless Modem Reviews. I decided to go with bell…. The only problem is that Rogers is no better. Bell Fibe TV – Should you take the plunge? Requiring frequent reboots is more likely to be a an issue with your DSL line or modem...Both the home hub 2000 and 3000 modems should provide good WIFI in most homes if placed well. As a comparison Rogers “Next Box” Whole Home technology utilizes a PVR manufactured by Cisco and offers similiar capabilities. The box itself is free as in they don’t charge you anything upfront. Rogers charges $50 for the Whole Home installation if you are an existing Digital TV subscriber; as far as I know they do not require you to sign a contract. Fibe is not fibre optics in most places. First time using an Amazon App on Fire Stik and it works great.

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